Category: Community Growing

Closing the Circle: Local Medicine for Local People

At Grass Roots Remedies Co-op, we align our ethics and ways of working with the three Permaculture Ethics of Earth Care, People Care & Fair Shares. In keeping with our ambitions to empower through providing accessible herbal medicine in Edinburgh we are working towards building short supply chains for our herbs & medicine. We have …

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Blackford Glen Medicine Garden Starting to Shape up

The last Sunday of every month a small group of us gather at our shared medicine garden in Blackford Glen. After plenty of hard work its now starting to look really beautiful. Yesterday we planted more herbs including Wood Betony, Sweet Violets, Agastache and the delicious Balm of Gilead. More photos to follow next month …

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A New Medicine Garden in Pilton

This last weekend in my local community garden in Pilton, North Edinburgh, we set about to create our very own medicine garden. Its a very exciting opportunity for us to share knowledge about using medicinal plants for health with a diverse range of local people, and to take a step towards more resilience and self-empowerment …

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