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This page has a collection of our favourite articles, essays, websites, zines and projects to educate and inspire. If you would like your project added to this page, please get in touch

Inspiring People & Projects


Solar Ripe  Excellent Organic grower and producer of herbal teas, plants smudge sticks based in Fife. Simone also runs herbal study groups and workshops and has a lot of knowledge to share.

Scottish Radical Herbal Network a Scotland wide network of herbalists and health activists collaborating on issues of social, environmental and health justice. They organise national and local gatherings across the country.

Herbal Unity  a free herbal clinic for people affected by the asylum system in Glasgow, affiliated to the Unity Centre which offers practical support & solidarity for migrants.

Herbal Scotland  a Community Interest Company which connects people with plants for health and wellbeing with a focus on educating and empowering people to help themselves. They run Herbal First Aid at many Scottish Festivals

Meadowsweet Organics an Organic Market Garden in Fife which is partly run a medical herbalist. They produce Organic herbs and remedies for sale.

Drimlabarra Vegan Herbal Farm, Scotland – The founders of the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, now residing permanently in a dreamy herb-fuelled paradise on the Isle of Arran.

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, HerbologyEdinburgh – The Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh began its life back in the 17th Century as a physic garden, and continues to celebrate this proud origin by offering a number of herbal medicine courses, run with the excellent DIY philosophy of: “from seed to syrup.”

UK & Ireland

Sankalpa Holistic Health Care Centre, Dublin – a holistic clinic in inner city Dublin for detoxing people off of methadone. Run by a community educator and herbalist

Rhizome Community Herbal ClinicBristol – provide herbal treatments on a sliding scale, and offer a variety of workshops including a great Women’s Health Course, as well as working with folk in their community medicine garden.

Ethnomedica Project, Kew Gardens – a wonderful oral history project set up by Kew Gardens, to collect folk uses of medicinal plants from all around the UK, before they are lost forever. They have a database of the most common uses of some of our most common plants. A precious knowledge.

Further Afield

Third Root Community Health Centre Brooklyn, NYC – a worker owned cooperative of holistic healthcare practitioners offering a great variety of treatments to the community of Brooklyn. They are committed to social justice and their clinic works to the principles of accessibility, empowerment and collaboration.

Blooming In Space CollectiveUSA – Blooming in Space is a network for autonomous communities in the US to share resources. They have a page providing specific resources on alternative models of healthcare

Rosehip Medics CollectivePortland, Oregon – a group of healthcare activists, herbalists and medics from Portland who believe in democratizing healthcare knowledge. They offer direct action and protest medic support, and training for others in dealing with emergency situations.

United Plant SaversUSA – A US organisation whose mission is to protect native medicinal plants and ensure their future (and ours) is sustainable

Ithaca Free Clinic, New York – a clinic offering both conventional and alternative medicine, for free, to those without health insurance in New York state



Herbal Medicine Making Primer by Simon the Simpler 

A zine all about medicine making, with lots of How-tos, and some notes about ethical wildcrafting


Chickweedby the London Anarcha-feminists Kollectiv

A zine about herbalism which emerged through a series of skillshares and    workshops


Edible, Medicinal & Utilitarian Herbs, Volume 1 by Rowan Walking Wolf & Harun Highmountain 

A zine to inspire people to re-connect with the amazing world of plants.



Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 17.54.30


A zine of grassroots radical herbalism and wild foods connecting with kids and family life


Hot Pants – Do it Yourself Gynaecology: Herbal Remedies

(too big for wordpress, please email us if you would like a copy)


Home Remedies for Common Maladies by Rosehip Medics Collective 

A mix of ethnobotany, Western herbalist, American folk and ‘conventional’ medicine

brought to you by the knowledgeable rosehip medics collective


Traveling Companions by the Rosehip Medics Collective 

Common Illnesses and Remedies for Those on the Road



Radical Mycology, by the Spore Liberation Front 

A ‘call to sporulate’ by the folks from the Spore Liberation Front . (File too big, so email us for a copy)


Witches, Midwives & Nurses: A History of Women Healerby Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English 

(File too big, so email us for a copy)


Articles & Essays 

This is Anarcho-Herbalism: Thoughts on Health & Healing for the Revolution by Laurel Luddite

Radical Remedies: Women, Health and the Micropolitics of Grassroots Organizing in Mexico by  Suzanne D. Schneider 

Community Based Herbalism by US herbalist 7 Song 

Community Herbalism: Healthcare from the Grass Roots Up  by Nicole Vosper, Wild Heart Permaculture


Scottish Radical Herbal Network – a Scottish wide network which we were involved in founding made up of social change activists and herbalists working together to create a society based on principles of fairness, justice and ecological responsibility.

Radical Herbalism UK -the website of a collective of UK herbalists committed to health justice and grassroots herbalism, with plenty of resources about community herbalism, and information about Radical Herbal Gatherings in the UK.

Herbalists Without Bordersan umbrella organisation for herbalist migrant solidarity work happening in the UK.

Bear Medicine Herbals – An american website about “folk herbalism, feral living and stories from the forest”

Mrs Grieve’s Modern Herbal online – First published in 1931, Mrs Grieve’s Modern Herbal contains an amazing wealth of knowledge about the traditional medicinal, edible, cosmetic and economic uses of British plants. You can now read it online.

Herbarium Blog for Traditional Herbalists in a Time of Transition – knowledge sharing brought about by an independent and autonomous group of UK herbalists. Contains a lot of interesting opinions about the issue of statutory regulation in the UK.

Plants for a Future – a very useful database of medicinal and edible plants

Herb Geek – online, educational resource all about health and herbs


The New Leaf Workers CooperativeEdinburgh – a workers’ coop selling whole foods & herbs

Poyntzfield Herbal NurseyBlack Isle – a wonderful biodynamic herbal nursery set in a walled garden on the beautiful Black Isle in the North of Scotland

Chain Bridge Honey Farm, Berwick Upon Tweed – family run honey farm, producing some wonderful bee-related herbal products as well

Naturally Thinking – UK based website selling relatively low cost jars, bottles & base ingredients for medicine making

Books Worth Reading

The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook by James Green. This is a really wonderful book which can teach you how to make just about anything with herbs. It also contains wise words about how to harvest plants in a sustainable way, respecting the ecosystems and land that they come from.

Out of the Earth: The Essential Book of Herbal Medicine by Simon Mills Simon Mills is a highly respected medical herbalist and leading voice in issues of sustainable healthcare. This is a really insightful book, from which you can learn a lot about why herbalism is so important, systems of the body and ‘physiology as if humans mattered’ as well as  basic pharmacology and the uses of many common herbs. If you only read one book make it this one!

The Holistic Herbal by David HoffmanThis is the first book I had about herbs, and I used to carry it around with me whenever I went outside. A really good first look, with lots of pictures and easy explanations.

The Lost Language of Plants: The Ecological Significance of Plant Medicines to Life on Earth by Stephen Harrod Buhner. This book is an eloquent and powerful look into the ecological destruction that pharmaceutical medicine is causing to our planet and the species we share it with. Highly recommended in understanding the importance of plant medicines.

The Complete Herbal & English Physician by Nicolas Culpeper. Nicolas Culpeper was a 17th century English botanist, herbalist and physician. Against the tide of the times, he gathered his medicines from the wild and gave his medical services to the poor for free. He believed no one should starve to pay a physician, and went so far as to publish his medical knowledge into great volumes in vernacular English (while all other texts were in Latin and inaccessible to common people.) His books were sold cheaply, intended as a self help guide for everyone. His texts became the most successful non-religious English book of all time, and has been in print continuously since the 17th Century. He is to be greatly admired.