Wester Hailes Clinic

Our Wester Hailes Clinic is a low cost Community Clinic providing affordable herbal consultations to residents of Wester Hailes & staff of local organisations only.

It is run by two professional Medical Herbalists, Ally Hurcikova & Kathryn McArthur.

Our aim is to provide quality, low cost herbal care, and so we offer herbal consultations by donation. If you are local to Wester Hailes and would like to use the clinic, we ask for between £5 and £20 for our time: you choose the amount depending on what you can afford. We won’t ask you to prove your income to us.

The Wester Hailes Community Herbal Clinic is open every Wednesday from 9am to 6pm

About The Clinic

The Wester Hailes Community Herbal Clinic was established in 2015 and is currently proud to be one of only two examples in Britain of herbalism being offered in an integrated primary care setting alongside local NHS services.

Our clinic runs out of the Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre where we work in collaboration with the Health Agency & the Wester Hailes Medical Practice. 

Most of our patients come via referral from our partners, but you can also self-refer – just book yourself an appointment

For more information about what happens in a consultation or what kinds of conditions we commonly treat please go to our Herbal Treatment FAQs page

Our Philosophy

We believe that herbalism has always been the ‘medicine of the people’ and aim to provide affordable person-centred herbal care, with its roots in the local community. We also recognise that all of our health depends on the health of our land, and so we use an ecological approach, prescribing native and Organic Scottish herbs as far as possible.

Herbalism is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world, and Medical Herbalists use a wide variety of plant & mushroom remedies – herbs, roots, flowers, trees, fungi, seaweeds – to treat common health complaints.

We choose to use the whole plant over isolated constituents which makes herbalism a safe and effective natural healthcare option with few side effects. Our practice is based on a holistic philosophy which aims to treat the ‘whole person’ not just your diagnosis or current symptoms.

This means that during our appointments we will ask about your wider medical history and your psycho-emotional situation and work together with you to identify any underlying patterns or root causes we can treat. At the end of the appointment we will give you a herbal prescription tailored to your individual need.

Opening Times:

The Clinic is open on Wednesdays from 9am to 6pm

Initial appointments are 1 hour, Follow up appointments 30 minutes


For Wester Hailes residents, there is a suggested donation per appointment of between £5 and £20. We are pleased to also offer appointments to staff of the Healthy Living Centre and other local organisations for a subsidised rate.

Local Residents                                                                          Staff of the Healthy Living Centre

Suggested Donation of                                                              £25 initial appointment (1 hour)

£5-20 per appointment                                                              £15 follow up    (30 mins)

Medicines: Free                                                                          Medicines: £5 per week

Clinic Location:

The Wester Hailes Community Herbal Clinic is located in the Wester Hailes Health Agency, in the Healthy Living Centre (HLC)’s Green Zone. Find us at 30 Harvester’s Way, EH14 3JF

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Booking An Appointment

To Book an appointment contact: frontdesk (at) thehealthagency.org.uk      0131 453 9400

For enquiries about the clinic:    clinic (at) grassrootsremedies.co.uk             07724 361 240