North Edinburgh Herbal Clinic

Our Medical Herbalist Ally Hurcikova RH (AHG) offers a private herbal clinic every Monday from 9am to 5pm in North Edinburgh.

To Book An Appointment contact her on 07724 361 240 or [email protected]

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You can find out more about what Herbal Medicine is and what it can offer you here

My Approach to Herbal Treatment

My training in Western Herbal Medicine combined biomedical study of anatomy & physiology with a holistic view of the wider social, environmental and psycho-emotional influences on health & disease.

Blackford Glen Medicine Garden

As a herbalist I always aim to bring myself fully to the space, and be as genuine and present as I can. I will listen fully to your concerns and lived experiences without judgement. I offer guidance and advice about treatment, while supporting you to make your own choices.

I am committed as far as I can to using local herbs which are grown, gathered and processed in ecologically responsible ways. The herbs you receive after your consultation are a combination of the following:

  • grown in our own Blackford Glen Medicine Garden using Organic methods
  • foraged sustainably from local wild areas
  • bought from Scottish suppliers & growers
  • or ordered from herbal suppliers in England & Wales

Some herbs from suppliers are imported, we try to keep these to a minimum.

Clinic Location & Costs

  • The clinic is located off of Boswall Parkway in the Granton area of North Edinburgh. It is readily accessible by bus, and there is on street parking.
  • The clinic is on the first floor, and the toilet on the second floor. There is unfortunately no lift access.
  • I’ll send you more detailed address information & directions upon booking

Costs of Treatments:

I am passionate about herbal medicine being accessible to those who need it, while balancing my need of an income. I offer appointments on the basis of a sliding scale, which means that you pay an amount relative to your ability to pay. The scale is:

£25 – £60 for an initial appointment          (60-90 minutes)

£15 – £30 for follow up appointments        (30-45 minutes)

Herbal medicines are charged separately. If the cost of treatment feels out of reach, please do discuss it with me and I hope to be
able to accommodate you.

Costs of Herbal Medicines

The average cost for medicines is £8-10 per week, with individual pricing as follows:

  • Tinctures                              £8 per 100ml
  • Dried Herbs                         £6 per 100g
  • Ointments & Creams          £4 per 30g

Postage (if desired)                 £4.00

What to Expect In A Consultation

Our initial appointment will last between 60 and 90 minutes depending on how much you wish to discuss. Any subsequent appointments will usually last between 30 and 45 minutes.

During the first appointment:

  • I’ll take a detailed health history and discuss with you what changes you are seeking
  • I’ll check your pulse & blood pressure and carry out any other physical examinations that might be needed with your consent.
  • Our appointments are confidential. There are some limitations to Confidentiality which relate to protection of children & adults; I’ll discuss these with you at your appointment.

Receiving Your Medicines

After our appointment I’ll prepare your medicines from our Community Clinic in Wester Hailes. All of the money charged for the herbs will go directly to supporting this valuable service and enabling many others to access herbalism at an affordable rate.

Herbs will usually be dispensed a few days after your appointment, and then there are a few options for receiving the medicine:

  • Collection from the Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre
  • Collection from the clinic in Granton
  • Postage to your preferred address at a cost of £4.00

About Ally

Ally Hurcikova Medical Herbalist BSc (Hons)

I began my journey into herbalism in 2010 after study in Political Theory left me feeling disempowered and disconnected from having any tangible impact on community struggles for justice. To find some practical skills and personal resilience I began working with plants as a community gardener and a forager. Growing plants and harvesting them from the wild brought me such a sense of groundedness and connection that I was moved to study further to deepen my knowledge. I now hold a Diploma in Herbology from the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh, and a first class Herbal Medicine Degree from Lincoln University where I graduated top of my year with the ‘Prize for Herbal Medicine.’ I am a registered herbalist and professional member of The American Herbalists’ Guild (AHG).

Since graduating in 2015

  • I set up the low income Wester Hailes Community Herbal Clinic in Edinburgh: one of only two settings in the UK where herbalism is offered alongside NHS treatments.
  • In 2016 I was part of the collective who created the Herbal Unity Clinic in Glasgow: a free fortnightly clinic for refugees & asylum seekers.
  • Through this work I have gained hundreds of hours of clinical experience, and treated a broad range of health conditions.
  • Outside of the clinics I also volunteer and work at sporting and music events as both a Medic & Herbal Medic, with ABC Paramedic Services & Herbal Scotland CIC.

I love to learn, and am passionate about exchanging skills and knowledge with others. Since qualifying as a Medical Herbalist I have continued to expand my knowledge through training courses and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) including: a Permaculture Design Certificate, First Response in Emergency Care, COSCA Counselling Skills & Suicide Awareness.

For More Information And Bookings – Contact me on 07724 361 240 or [email protected]