Tag: Ecological Herbalism

Radical Herbalism Gathering 2014

A few weeks ago in sunny Shropshire, the UK’s second ever Radical Herbalism Gathering was held. It was hosted by Crabapple Community Housing Co-op at the incredible Berrington Hall, and was even bigger than last year’s with around 200 people attending. The focus of this year’s gathering was to highlight and discuss important issues around …

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Foraging for Sea Buckthorn

We are blessed in Edinburgh to have had Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) introduced to the shores of our neighbouring region East Lothian to stabilise the dune systems. This orange-berried plant now wildly grows wild all down the coast, to the extent that conservationist volunteers have to chop it back regularly to keep paths clear. Sea Buckthorn, …

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Radical Herbalism Gathering

I was very privileged a few weeks ago to attend the UK’s first ever Radical Herbalism Gathering. Put on by a collective of professional and DIY herbalists, and health activists, it was hosted at a farm outside Glastonbury that is also home to Wild Heart Permaculture, and some beautiful medicine gardens.     Radical Herbal …

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