Tag: Foraging

Its Rosehip Time Again

Despite it being the end of summer, I have always loved berry season. I’ve recently discovered a new way to make rosehip syrup which keeps all the nutrients in which I’ve been trying out. Actually, this recipe for Raw Rosehip Syrup is very old. The idea is that by boiling the hips for a long …

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Foraging for Spring Tonics

Spring is an incredibly important time for plants, animals and humans alike. Historically, before our current climate of trade globalisation where we import fresh greens out of season from around the world, winter in Northern climates was a time of limited nutrition. People would have only been able to eat what they could grow, or …

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Foraging for Sea Buckthorn

We are blessed in Edinburgh to have had Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides)¬†introduced to the shores of our neighbouring region East Lothian to stabilise the dune systems. This orange-berried plant now wildly grows wild all down the coast, to the extent that conservationist volunteers have to chop it back regularly to keep paths clear. Sea Buckthorn, …

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