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DIY: Bee Hive Lip Balm

Back before Christmas I did two workshops with Seasons, a local mental health group run by the Council. I’ve been doing various bits of community gardening and nature related work with Seasons for a few years now, and have always really enjoyed their friendly atmosphere and shared food. This time we made home made lip …

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DIY: Rosehip & Elderberry Winter Syrup

Dark cold winters over the last few years have been vastly improved for me through the heartwarming activity of making delicious spiced winter berry syrups. I can’t emphasise just how easy these are to make, and while they absolutely do fall into the category of medicine, they are very scrummy and I wouldn’t hold it …

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A New Toy – Dehydrator!

I’m very excited to have recently bought a dehydrator. In our damp climate, its really tough to properly dry herbs that I’ve harvested or foraged, and so this little piece of kit is incredibly useful. As well as drying herbs, I’m also going to use it to make a whole bunch of delicious raw foods …

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