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Herb Profile: Self Heal

Botanical Name: Prunella vulgaris Family: Lamiaceae  (Mint Family) Common Names: Self Heal, All Heal, Sicklewort, Hook Heal, Carpenter’s Herb, Pickpocket, Poverty Pink, Heart o’ the Earth Identification: A sparsely downy perennial herb with creeping runners and erect flower stems to 20cm tall. Not aromatic. Leaves are decussate, stalked, oval, widest at the base. Infloresence in …

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Herb Profile: Sweet Cicely

  Botanical Name: Myrrhis odorata Family: Apiaceae Common names: British Myrrh, Anise, Sweet Chervil,  Smooth Cicely, Sweet Bracken, Sweet-Fern, The Roman Plant, Sweets Identification: A perennial with feathery leaves growing to 1m. In May and June it holds characteristic umbels of creamy white flowers, and it’s seeds ripen from July to August. This species is …

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Photos from our Herbal Workshops in Pilton

The first two herbal workshops in Pilton this month have both been fantastic, with lots of new faces. Its such a pleasure to share the knowledge of making very simple and effective remedies that are affordable too. The first one was basic ointment making, and the second one simple syrups and cordials. The third one …

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