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Herb Profile: Old Man’s Beard Lichen

Botanical Name: Usnea spp. Many similarly used species Common Names: Old Man’s Beard, Seaweed of the Mountain (Hawai’i), Fish Bone Beard Lichen, Tree Dandruff, Woman’s Long Hair Family: Usneaceae Parts Used: Whole Lichen Lichenology & Identification: Lichen are a symbiotic relationship between an algae and a fungus. The algae is able to photosynthesize and therefore …

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Foraging for Sea Buckthorn

We are blessed in Edinburgh to have had Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) introduced to the shores of our neighbouring region East Lothian to stabilise the dune systems. This orange-berried plant now wildly grows wild all down the coast, to the extent that conservationist volunteers have to chop it back regularly to keep paths clear. Sea Buckthorn, …

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DIY: Rosehip & Elderberry Winter Syrup

Dark cold winters over the last few years have been vastly improved for me through the heartwarming activity of making delicious spiced winter berry syrups. I can’t emphasise just how easy these are to make, and while they absolutely do fall into the category of medicine, they are very scrummy and I wouldn’t hold it …

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