Wild Things: A Year of Wild Food & Medicine (Year 1)

p1030439jpgThe Wild Things Course is an eight month exploration of wild food and medicine growing in a variety of habitats in and around Edinburgh through the seasons.

It includes opportunities to gain confidence in low impact foraging, beginners botany and ecology, and to develop a sensory approach to using wild plants both as food and medicine.

There will be a combination of theoretical sessions, practical remedy making and outings into some of Edinburgh’s most beautiful wild areas

p1030741The Course uses participatory learning methods & an action learning approach. Its learning outcomes for participants are to:

  • Develop an understanding of the ethics and practice of ecological harvesting and gain a confidence in low impact foraging
  • Try out recipes and learn practical remedy making skills for home use
  • Learn about the edible and medicinal properties of some of our common British
    plants and when to harvest them
  • Develop a sensory approach to herbal medicine
  • Beginners botany and ecology and the ability to confidently identify common
  • Gain an understanding of how to live more harmoniously with the seasons
  • Visit distinct habitats around Edinburgh and see how the plant communities
    that live within them change over the year

The course is offered on a sliding scale basis to make it accessible to people on a variety of incomes. It is priced at £300 – 500. We ask that participants pay what they can afford, with a general guideline being the following price brackets. We won’t ask for proof of income, but trust you to select what you feel is most appropriate for you.

£300-£350: unwaged
£350-£400: low waged
£400-£450: waged

£450-£500: solidarity price – if you are able to pay a higher price, we will use the money to fund our community projects

Download more information & dates for the course in 2018 here, and our booking form here.

Testimonials from the 2017 Course:

“Ally and Soraya share their wisdom and knowledge in a way that is so accessible, caring and joyful. Their passion and curiosity for herbalism and ecology is contagious and inspiring. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to begin gaining a deeper insight into our natural surroundings and learn how we can interact with plants and feel nourished by them, in a way that is respectful and symbiotic”

“Great amount of knowledge and inspiration used in this course. It motivates one to go on and find out more about wild herbs and plants which is a huge subject. Great for people working with others and to help friends and family. Self help is always an empowering and great feeling.”

“Soraya and Ally are such committed excellent teachers, they make learning about herbs fascinating, exciting and inspiring. The course is packed with interest, hands on, tastings, a fabulous Drop Box resource to keep, and you will be delighted you booked on”

“This course has changed my outlook on life! I definitely stop to ‘smell the roses’ much more and appreciate the wonders of nature. Ally and Soraya are wonderful teachers – conveying their knowledge, skills and passion so well in each session”

“Excellent course for bringing on confidence with identifying and using wild plants in a practical way. Its inspired me to continue researching, reading, foraging and making. Loved it. Thank you”

“A very informative course with no prior knowledge required. Delightfully presented by very knowledgeable women who have very practical experience: this is a must for anyone interested in learning about healthy ways of living and being”

 Testimonials from the 2016 Course:

“As a ‘graduate’ of last years “Year of Wild Food and Medicine” I would just like to sing Ally and Soraya’s praises. Their enthusiasm for the subject , sharing and knowledgeable nature and joyous delivery made this course the most enjoyable I have ever taken. The content was a perfect mix of practical, experiential and theoretical learning which inspired my wanderings and forages from month to month and now I have cleared a room to make space for a beautiful display of my oils, decoctions, syrup, vinegars and tinctures. I’m loving being able to prepare remedies from native plants to share with friends”

“More than exceeded expectations – enjoyable, stimulating & informative, imparted in an informal style with humour”

“Having studied a ‘Year of Wild Medicine’ with Grassroots Remedies last year, I would highly recommend the course. Though I was a beginner to the subject, it gave me a comprehensive understanding to gather and use plants appropriately. Ally and Soraya created a safe and supportive learning environment that was both empowering and fun. They each have a great depth of knowledge but conveyed this in a way that was accessible to the group. Using a variety of facilitation techniques kept the sessions stimulating and fresh. There was an excellent balance between theory and practical sessions and the herbal walks were valuable as we were able to identify plants in their own habitat and to learn about how to gather ethically and carefully. Personally I gained a lot of confidence from the course and I regularly forage and use the ideas and recipes we were given to make teas, balms, tinctures etc. I am also able to refer to the detailed information sheets we were given to understand the science of the qualities and effects of the plants”

“I thoroughly enjoyed last year’s  foraging course, and looked forward to it every month. It was never an effort to go. For me, as an enthusiastic amateur, it was a great mix of practical and theoretical, with enough botany put in to satisfy would be academics. The design and balance of the course was just great, making it fun, interesting, inspiring and productive, and the course leaders'(Ally and Soraya) relaxed and humorous style made it such a joy for everyone. After the finish, there was a definite lack in my life and I look forward to putting my learning into practice again this year.”